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Meet Amelia

Hello! My name is Amelia and I started Amelia Grace Media with the intention to build a business that helps showcase the beauty of brand story-telling through an online presence.

I am a Cal Poly graduate and San Luis Obispo local with a passion for creative online marketing. I have experience working with over 20 social media accounts, helping both small and large businesses grow organically online, find new clients and customers, and transform their brand using my skills and expertise in social media marketing and eye for quality content creation.


I love to spend time with my  friends and family, travel, play guitar, read, explore my lovely hometown SLO and I run my own luxury picnic company on the side.

My hope is to work with brands and alleviate the stress of all things social media while maintaining a real and authentic presence.


Need assistance? Let's connect! I offer free discovery calls.

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